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Warning: Since each parser may have a different format for the syntax tree, the speed is not fully comparable (the cost of constructing different results obviously varies). The TurtleScript asm.js parser also does full typechecking and verification of the source, unlike the other parsers. These tests exist only to ensure that the TurtleScript parser is not ridiculously slow compared to other parsers.

Since TurtleScript is a subset of JavaScript, our set of TurtleScript benchmarks is not large. We use the unminified sources of the TurtleScript project (all written in TurtleScript) which include the parser, several compilers, a reactive event library, and a test suite.

The asm.js benchmarks are taken from the arewefastyet asmjs-apps benchmarks.

More info on the parsers:

We turn off location marking in syntax nodes for each parser where possible.

Time measurement is carried out using Benchmark.js.

This comparison page is heavily borrowed from Esprima. Thanks!